Investing In and Developing a Vertically Integrated Business Opportunity in Africa
Obtala Resources Limited actively invests in and is developing a fully vertically integrated business solution. The Group is working towards building an integrated trading platform with an emphasis on agriculture, food production and processing with direct market access through owned retail and wholesale outlets. In the most simple of terms this is the “Farm to Fork” model which allows us to plant a seed and produce a finished marketable branded product.

The initial geographic focus is within sub-Saharan Africa, with our projects currently operational in Tanzania, Mozambique and Lesotho. Obtala has also built up a substantial portfolio of natural forest timber concessions in Mozambique where it operates a sustainable, business model.

Investment Summary and Opportunity
Obtala provides an opportunity to invest in Food Processing, Agriculture, Forestry and Wholesale/Retail business sectors, and is an income producing company with scalable business models and multiple revenue streams associated with low up-front Capex investment costs in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

Our objective is to increase profitability through vertical integration and control of supply chain and capture “value added” co-products through post processing. Own label branding is set to increased operational margins through owned retail/wholesale outlets for direct market access.
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